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This year’s Yushan Forum took place over two days and invited 49 international leaders, business representatives, and civil society delegates to speak in the forum's seven sessions. In addition, a total of 36 ambassadors and foreign officials from 18 mission offices in Taiwan participated in the opening ceremony. Finally, the 2023 Yushan Forum welcomed approximately 650 guests to join the two days of dialogue.


In the Forum of 2023, under the theme "Start a New Blueprint for Asian Development," gathered a distinguished ensemble of global leaders including high-profile officials, key policymakers from the New Southbound countries and like-minded partner countries, who shared their insights across various sessions. The forum highlighted Taiwan's proactive role in shaping a resilient and connected future for Asia, emphasizing the significance of forging strong, resilient supply chains, talent empowerment, and leveraging soft power for competitive advantage. These discussions culminated in the "Prospect Asia Roundtable," underscoring the synergy and future prospects of Taiwan's integration within the Indo-Pacific strategies. The 2023 Yushan Forum not only echoed Taiwan's commitment to its New Southbound Policy but also reinforced its dedication to fostering deep, meaningful collaborations across the region.


Conference Report

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Former Indian Navy Vice Admiral Chauhan: Taiwan and India Can Collaborate on Security Projects.

As the only country in recent years to have had a military conflict with China, India is closely monitoring the possibility of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan. According to a Bloomberg report, India's top military officials have authorized a study ...

"Invading Taiwan Is Not the End of China's Problems" - U.S. Security Expert Ralph A. Cossa Analyzes the Taiwan Strait Situation

In recent years, the Taiwan Strait has become a focal point of escalating tensions and competition between the two superpowers, the US and China. Following Taiwan’s National Day, Chinese military aircraft conducted large-scale incursions, with 12 ...

Executive Director of Nippon Foundation: Japan and Taiwan Should Accept Immigrants

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a profound impact on Asian geopolitics. Japan, far across the globe, is actively supporting Ukraine by assisting Ukrainian refugees. The Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation, Ichiro Kawasawa, told The ...

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2023 Yushan Forum "Start a New Blueprint for Asian Development": President Tsai: Taiwan is part of the solution

The seventh annual Yushan Forum, organized by the Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) and supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, kicked off on October 11th at Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei. This year's Yushan Forum was held in the context ...

2023 Yushan Forum“Start a New Blueprint for Asian Development”

The Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue for Innovation and Progress, launched in 2017, is a platform for Asian regional dialogue initiated by Taiwan with the purpose of expanding multifaceted opportunities for cooperation and facilitating the exchange of ...



H.E. Tsai Ing-wen

Republic of China (Taiwan)

H.E. Lai Ching-te

Vice President
Republic of China (Taiwan)

H.E. Russ Joseph Kun

Republic of Nauru

The Hon. Scott Morrison MP

Member of the House of Representatives, The 30th Australian Prime Minister

Amb. Kelly Craft

The 30th US Permanent Representative to the UN

Amb. Matt Murry

Senior Official for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

The Hon. Keiji Furuya

Chairman, Japan-ROC Diet Members’ Consultative Council, member of the House of Representatives in the Diet (national legislature)

The Hon. Tim Groser

Chair, Groser & Associates
New Zealand